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Assembly Constituencies of Cooch Behar district of West Bengal
A.C. No.1 - Mekhliganj (SC) A.C. No.2 - Mathabhanga (SC) A.C. No.3 - Cooch Behar Uttar (SC)

A.C. No.4 - Cooch Behar Dakshin

A.C. No.5 - Sitalkuchi (SC)

A.C. No.6 - Sitai (SC)

A.C. No.7 - Dinhata

A.C. No.8 - Natabari

A.C. No.9 - Tufanganj
Status of Polling Stations under A.C. no.5 covered so far :
Part No. Polling Station Names of A.C. No. 5 - Sitalkuchi (SC) ANNEXURE-B
Addition [F6] Deletion [F7] Modification [F8] Transfer [F8A]
1 Patchhara Gopalpur 1st Phase Aided Primary School F6005001 F7005001 F8005001 F8A005001
2 Kesharibari Govt. Pry. School F6005002 F7005002 F8005002 F8A005002
3 Dalanath High School F6005003 F7005003 F8005003 F8A005003
4 Gopalpur 5th Plan Pry. School (Lakshmi Mandir) F6005004 F7005004 F8005004 F8A005004
5 Gopalpur 4th Plan Pry. School F6005005 F7005005 F8005005 F8A005005
6 Dhandhuniya Aided Primary School F6005006 F7005006 F8005006 F8A005006
7 Kharija Gopalpur Kineswari Chintamani Pry. School F6005007 F7005007 F8005007 F8A005007
8 Bhogramguri Harisabha Jr. Basic School F6005008 F7005008 F8005008 F8A005008
9 Paglardanga 5th Plan Pry. School F6005009 F7005009 F8005009 F8A005009
10 Buraburi Aided Pry. School F6005010 F7005010 F8005010 F8A005010
11 Buraburi Krishnakanta Madhyamik Siksha Kendra F6005011 F7005011 F8005011 F8A005011
12 Bhogramguri Ichchhaganj Bazar 4th Plan Pry. School F6005012 F7005012 F8005012 F8A005012
13 Bhogramguri Govt. Pry. School F6005013 F7005013 F8005013 F8A005013
14 Dhandhunia 4th Plan Pry. School F6005014 F7005014 F8005014 F8A005014
15 Buraburi Special Cadre Primary  School F6005015 F7005015 F8005015 F8A005015
16 Gyansadhak 5th Plan Primary  School F6005016 F7005016 F8005016 F8A005016
17 Tetulerchhara 4th Plan Pry. School F6005017 F7005017 F8005017 F8A005017
18 Kadamtali Kalikadas Atindra Prashad Pry. School F6005018 F7005018 F8005018 F8A005018
19 RupanirPar Aided Pry. School F6005019 F7005019 F8005019 F8A005019
20 Rangapani Balasi Jr. Basic School F6005020 F7005020 F8005020 F8A005020
21 Dhandhunia East Primary School (Betbari) F6005021 F7005021 F8005021 F8A005021
22 Gopalpur Bijay Barman Aided Pry. School F6005022 F7005022 F8005022 F8A005022
23 Uchhalpukuri Aided Pry. School F6005023 F7005023 F8005023 F8A005023
24 Joreshimuli R.M.P. High School F6005024 F7005024 F8005024 F8A005024
25 Rangapani Balasi 5th Plan Pry. School F6005025 F7005025 F8005025 F8A005025
26 Joreshimuli Govt. Pry. School F6005026 F7005026 F8005026 F8A005026
27 Kanchakhawa 4th Plan Pry. School F6005027 F7005027 F8005027 F8A005027
28 Pagarbari 5th Plan Pry. School F6005028 F7005028 F8005028 F8A005028
29 Chhoto Kesharibari Govt. Pary. School F6005029 F7005029 F8005029 F8A005029
30 Kalirhat Govt. Pry. School F6005030 F7005030 F8005030 F8A005030
31 Kalirdham Madhyamik Siksha Kendra F6005031 F7005031 F8005031 F8A005031
32 Bamunia Aided Pry. School, Room No. 1 F6005032 F7005032 F8005032 F8A005032
33 Nakkati Junior High School F6005033 F7005033 F8005033 F8A005033
34 Giladanga Govt. Pry. School, Room No.1 F6005034 F7005034 F8005034 F8A005034
35 Kharija Keshribari Sishu Siksha Kendra F6005035 F7005035 F8005035 F8A005035
36 Giladanga Govt. Pry. School, Room No.2 F6005036 F7005036 F8005036 F8A005036
37 Indrer Kuthi 5th Plan Pry. School F6005037 F7005037 F8005037 F8A005037
38 Pakhihaga Hat Gobindamohan High School F6005038 F7005038 F8005038 F8A005038
39 Panigram Deshbandhu Jr. Basic School F6005039 F7005039 F8005039 F8A005039
40 Panigram Deshbandhu Jr. Basic School F6005040 F7005040 F8005040 F8A005040
41 Panigram Sadhurdanga Aided Primary School F6005041 F7005041 F8005041 F8A005041
42 Khagen Adhikarir Tari Sishu Siksha Kendra F6005042 F7005042 F8005042 F8A005042
43 Panigram High School  F6005043 F7005043 F8005043 F8A005043
44 Panigram Jr. Basic School F6005044 F7005044 F8005044 F8A005044
45 Nayarhat 4th Plan Pry. School F6005045 F7005045 F8005045 F8A005045
46 Pruba Khanda Bamunia Govt. Pry. School F6005046 F7005046 F8005046 F8A005046
47 Shimulguri 4th Plan Pry. School F6005047 F7005047 F8005047 F8A005047
48 Ichhaganj Shukurchand High School F6005048 F7005048 F8005048 F8A005048
49 Khagribari 1st phase Aided Primary School F6005049 F7005049 F8005049 F8A005049
50 Chongarkhata Khagribari  Barovita 5th Plan Pry. School F6005050 F7005050 F8005050 F8A005050
51 Putimari S.C. Pry. School F6005051 F7005051 F8005051 F8A005051
52 Genduguri Harisabha Pry.School, Room No. 1 F6005052 F7005052 F8005052 F8A005052
53 Genduguri Harisabha Pry.School, Room No. 2 F6005053 F7005053 F8005053 F8A005053
54 Ambari Sishu Siksha Kendra F6005054 F7005054 F8005054 F8A005054
55 Dhamerdanga Nimna Buniyadi Vidyalaya F6005055 F7005055 F8005055 F8A005055
56 Genduguri 4th Plan Pry. School F6005056 F7005056 F8005056 F8A005056
57 Genduguri Newly Setup Pry. School F6005057 F7005057 F8005057 F8A005057
58 Nagendranath 5th Plan Pry. School F6005058 F7005058 F8005058 F8A005058
59 Dui Sui (Thandaram) Sishu Siksha Kendra  F6005059 F7005059 F8005059 F8A005059
60 Kuktikata Dharanikanta High School F6005060 F7005060 F8005060 F8A005060
61 Kuktikata Jr. Basic School F6005061 F7005061 F8005061 F8A005061
62 Kuktikata Aided Primary School F6005062 F7005062 F8005062 F8A005062
63 Jamirdanga Kiranbala Umeshchandra Newly Setup Pry. School F6005063 F7005063 F8005063 F8A005063
64 Jamirdanga Purbapara Sishu Siksha Kendra F6005064 F7005064 F8005064 F8A005064
65 Ashokbari Aided Primary School F6005065 F7005065 F8005065 F8A005065
66 Jamirdanga North 5th Plan Pry. School F6005066 F7005066 F8005066 F8A005066
67 Chongarkhata Simanta Elaka Prakalpa Rupayan Samity F6005067 F7005067 F8005067 F8A005067
68 Satgachhi Aided Primary School F6005068 F7005068 F8005068 F8A005068
69 Chenakata 4th Plan Pry. School F6005069 F7005069 F8005069 F8A005069
70 Garibpur 4th Plan Pry. School F6005070 F7005070 F8005070 F8A005070
71 Garibpur Madhyamik Siksha Kendra F6005071 F7005071 F8005071 F8A005071
72 Nripendranath Newly Setup Pry. School F6005072 F7005072 F8005072 F8A005072
73 Tetulerchhara Govt. Pry. School F6005073 F7005073 F8005073 F8A005073
74 Ashokbari Govt. Pry. School F6005074 F7005074 F8005074 F8A005074
75 Angarmani 4th Plan Pry. School F6005075 F7005075 F8005075 F8A005075
76 Sishu Siksha Niketan Bhesrirdanga Pry. School, Room No.1 F6005076 F7005076 F8005076 F8A005076
77 Barogharia Boxiganj Pry. School F6005077 F7005077 F8005077 F8A005077
78 Sishu Siksha Niketan Veskirdanga Pry.School, Room No.2 F6005078 F7005078 F8005078 F8A005078
79 Kanfata Govt. Pry. School F6005079 F7005079 F8005079 F8A005079
80 Gadaler Kuthi Jr. Basic School- Room 1 F6005080 F7005080 F8005080 F8A005080
81 Gadaler Kuthi Jr. Basic School- Room 2 F6005081 F7005081 F8005081 F8A005081
82 Barodala 1st Phase Pry. School, Room 1 F6005082 F7005082 F8005082 F8A005082
83 Barodala 1st Phase Pry. School, Room 2 F6005083 F7005083 F8005083 F8A005083
84 Mohanpur 1st Phase Aided Primary School, Room 1 F6005084 F7005084 F8005084 F8A005084
85 Mohanpur 1st Phase Aided Primary School, Room 2 F6005085 F7005085 F8005085 F8A005085
86 Satgram Manabari Kurumprasad 4th Plan Pry. School F6005086 F7005086 F8005086 F8A005086
87 Nalangibari  Spl. Cadre Pry. School Room 1 F6005087 F7005087 F8005087 F8A005087
88 Nalangibari  Spl. Cadre Pry. School, Room 2 F6005088 F7005088 F8005088 F8A005088
89 Purba Nalangibari 5th Plan Pry. School F6005089 F7005089 F8005089 F8A005089
90 Balarhat Govt. Pry. School F6005090 F7005090 F8005090 F8A005090
91 Baragharia Garkuta Jr. Basic School, Room 1 F6005091 F7005091 F8005091 F8A005091
92 Baragharia Garkuta Jr. Basic School, Room 2 F6005092 F7005092 F8005092 F8A005092
93 Purba Baragharia Garkuta Sishu Siksha Kendra F6005093 F7005093 F8005093 F8A005093
94 Shikarpur High School F6005094 F7005094 F8005094 F8A005094
95 Shikarpur Kushum Kumari Pry. School F6005095 F7005095 F8005095 F8A005095
96 Daribosh Aided Primary  School F6005096 F7005096 F8005096 F8A005096
97 Pachim Daribosh 5th Plan Pry. School F6005097 F7005097 F8005097 F8A005097
98 Satgaon 1st Phase Pry. School, Room 1 F6005098 F7005098 F8005098 F8A005098
99 Satgaon 1st Phase Pry. School, Room 2 F6005099 F7005099 F8005099 F8A005099
100 Satgram Kurshamari High School F6005100 F7005100 F8005100 F8A005100
101 Kurshamari Pacharuddin Primary School F6005101 F7005101 F8005101 F8A005101
102 Baro Khalisamari Jr. Basic School F6005102 F7005102 F8005102 F8A005102
103 Baro Khalisamari 1st Phase Aided Primary School F6005103 F7005103 F8005103 F8A005103
104 Daluarpar Govt. Pry. School F6005104 F7005104 F8005104 F8A005104
105 Daluarpar Barobari Sishu Siksha Kendra F6005105 F7005105 F8005105 F8A005105
106 Mahishcharu State Plan Pry. School F6005106 F7005106 F8005106 F8A005106
107 Abas Ratanpur Jr. Basic School F6005107 F7005107 F8005107 F8A005107
108 Abas Ratanpur Sudhir Chandra Newly Setup Pry. School  F6005108 F7005108 F8005108 F8A005108
109 Ratherdanga Aided Primary School F6005109 F7005109 F8005109 F8A005109
110 Tetulerchhara South 5th Plan Pry. School F6005110 F7005110 F8005110 F8A005110
111 Nendarpar 4th Plan Pry. School, Room 1 F6005111 F7005111 F8005111 F8A005111
112 Nendarpar 4th Plan Pry. School, Room 2 F6005112 F7005112 F8005112 F8A005112
113 Chandamari Spl. Cadre Pry. School F6005113 F7005113 F8005113 F8A005113
114 Kharija Kawardera 4th Plan Pry. School F6005114 F7005114 F8005114 F8A005114
115 Matsyajibi Para Sishu Siksha Kendra F6005115 F7005115 F8005115 F8A005115
116 Burkuldanga Aided Primary School F6005116 F7005116 F8005116 F8A005116
117 Chhat Jorepatki 5th Plan Pry. School F6005117 F7005117 F8005117 F8A005117
118 Chhat Jorepatki Spl. Cadre Pry. School, Room No.1 F6005118 F7005118 F8005118 F8A005118
119 Chhat Jorepatki Spl. Cadre Pry. School, Room No.2 F6005119 F7005119 F8005119 F8A005119
120 Panaguri 4th Plan Pry. School F6005120 F7005120 F8005120 F8A005120
121 Bholarbhita Sishu Siksha Kendra centre F6005121 F7005121 F8005121 F8A005121
122 Shibpur High School F6005122 F7005122 F8005122 F8A005122
123 Bochagari 4th Plan Pry. School F6005123 F7005123 F8005123 F8A005123
124 Nagar Gopalganj Pry. School F6005124 F7005124 F8005124 F8A005124
125 Bochagari R. R. Primary School F6005125 F7005125 F8005125 F8A005125
126 Amtali Madhyamik Siksha Kendra F6005126 F7005126 F8005126 F8A005126
127 Jorepatki Jr. Basic School F6005127 F7005127 F8005127 F8A005127
128 Bhitiraban Sishu Siksha Kendra F6005128 F7005128 F8005128 F8A005128
129 Jorepatki High School,Room No. 1 F6005129 F7005129 F8005129 F8A005129
130 Jorepatki High School,Room No. 2 F6005130 F7005130 F8005130 F8A005130
131 Mahishmuri Jr. Basic School F6005131 F7005131 F8005131 F8A005131
132 Mahishmuri Sealdanga 5th Plan Pry. School F6005132 F7005132 F8005132 F8A005132
133 Mahishmuri State Plan Pry. School F6005133 F7005133 F8005133 F8A005133
134 Mahishmuri Govt. Primary School F6005134 F7005134 F8005134 F8A005134
135 Mahishmuri High School F6005135 F7005135 F8005135 F8A005135
136 Ekra Miah High Madrasa F6005136 F7005136 F8005136 F8A005136
137 Sangarbari 5th Plan Pry. School  F6005137 F7005137 F8005137 F8A005137
138 Khochabari 5th plan Pry. School F6005138 F7005138 F8005138 F8A005138
139 Chhoto Madhusudan Govt. Primary School F6005139 F7005139 F8005139 F8A005139
140 Ratanpur Aided Primary School F6005140 F7005140 F8005140 F8A005140
141 Sonarchalun Galakata Sishu Siksha Kendra Centre F6005141 F7005141 F8005141 F8A005141
142 Sagarerdanga Sishu Siksha Kendra F6005142 F7005142 F8005142 F8A005142
143 Rupkanta Sishu Siksha Niketan 4th Plan Pry. School F6005143 F7005143 F8005143 F8A005143
144 Chengerkuthi Khalishamari Sishu Shiksha Kendra F6005144 F7005144 F8005144 F8A005144
145 Paschim Chengerkuthi Khalisamari Newly setup Pry. School F6005145 F7005145 F8005145 F8A005145
146 Khalisamari Panchanan Smriti Vidyapith  F6005146 F7005146 F8005146 F8A005146
147 Khalisamari Alauddin Govt. Primary School  F6005147 F7005147 F8005147 F8A005147
148 Jatamari Govt. Primary School, Room-1 F6005148 F7005148 F8005148 F8A005148
149 Morebhanga Sakali Primary School, Room-1 F6005149 F7005149 F8005149 F8A005149
150 Chhoto Khalisamri Aided Primary School (1st Phase) F6005150 F7005150 F8005150 F8A005150
151 Jatamari Spl. Cadre Pry. School F6005151 F7005151 F8005151 F8A005151
152 Morebhanga Sakali Primary School, Room-2 F6005152 F7005152 F8005152 F8A005152
153 Chhoto Koimari Newly Setup Pry. School F6005153 F7005153 F8005153 F8A005153
154 Baro Koimari Jr. Basic School F6005154 F7005154 F8005154 F8A005154
155 Satimari Aided Primary School, Room No.1 F6005155 F7005155 F8005155 F8A005155
156 Satimari Aided Primary School, Room No.2 F6005156 F7005156 F8005156 F8A005156
157 Nalgram Uttar 5th Plan Pry. School F6005157 F7005157 F8005157 F8A005157
158 Nalgram Anganwadi Kendra F6005158 F7005158 F8005158 F8A005158
159 Nalgram Govt. Primary School  F6005159 F7005159 F8005159 F8A005159
160 Satimari No.2 Pry. School  F6005160 F7005160 F8005160 F8A005160
161 Balapara Anganwadi Kendra F6005161 F7005161 F8005161 F8A005161
162 Dakghara High School F6005162 F7005162 F8005162 F8A005162
163 Baro Pinjarirjhar Jr. Basic School F6005163 F7005163 F8005163 F8A005163
164 Narendra Barman 5th Plan Pry. School F6005164 F7005164 F8005164 F8A005164
165 Baro Pinjarirjhar Panchanan Harimandir Sishu Siksha Kendra F6005165 F7005165 F8005165 F8A005165
166 Nagar Dakaliganj High  School, Room-1 F6005166 F7005166 F8005166 F8A005166
167 Dharallarpar Pry. School  F6005167 F7005167 F8005167 F8A005167
168 Nagar Dakaliganj High  School, Room-2 F6005168 F7005168 F8005168 F8A005168
169 Rangamati State Plan Pry. School F6005169 F7005169 F8005169 F8A005169
170 Rangamati Madhyamik Siksha Kendra Centre  F6005170 F7005170 F8005170 F8A005170
171 Abuarpathar Sishu Shiksha Kendra F6005171 F7005171 F8005171 F8A005171
172 Abuarpathar Anganwadi Kendra F6005172 F7005172 F8005172 F8A005172
173 Abuarpathar Govt. Pry. School F6005173 F7005173 F8005173 F8A005173
174 Abuarpathar Aided Primary School  F6005174 F7005174 F8005174 F8A005174
175 Gangadhar Spl. Cadre Pry. School F6005175 F7005175 F8005175 F8A005175
176 Gangadhar Junior High School F6005176 F7005176 F8005176 F8A005176
177 Kurshamari 4th Plan Pry. School F6005177 F7005177 F8005177 F8A005177
178 Magpala Anganwadi Kendra F6005178 F7005178 F8005178 F8A005178
179 Bhogdabri Aided Primary School F6005179 F7005179 F8005179 F8A005179
180 Bhogdabri, 5th Plan Pry. School F6005180 F7005180 F8005180 F8A005180
181 Purba Bhogdabri Boxiganj No.10 Payasti 4th Plan Pry. School  F6005181 F7005181 F8005181 F8A005181
182 New Bhawairthana Pry. School, Room-1 F6005182 F7005182 F8005182 F8A005182
183 New Bhawairthana Pry. School, Room-2 F6005183 F7005183 F8005183 F8A005183
184 New Bhawairthana  Nagen Biswas Smriti Pry. School F6005184 F7005184 F8005184 F8A005184
185 Bhawairthana Govt. Pry. School F6005185 F7005185 F8005185 F8A005185
186 Bhawairthana High School  F6005186 F7005186 F8005186 F8A005186
187 Chhoto Bangdaki Newly Setup Pry. School, Room-1 F6005187 F7005187 F8005187 F8A005187
188 Chhoto Bang daki Newly Setup Pry. School, Room-2 F6005188 F7005188 F8005188 F8A005188
189 Awalikura  4th Plan Primary School  F6005189 F7005189 F8005189 F8A005189
190 Madhya Khenchi Sishu Siksha Kendra Center  F6005190 F7005190 F8005190 F8A005190
191 Khenchi State Plan Pry . School  F6005191 F7005191 F8005191 F8A005191
192 Mahim Smriti Vidyapith, Room-1 F6005192 F7005192 F8005192 F8A005192
193 Mahim Smriti Vidyapith, Room-2 F6005193 F7005193 F8005193 F8A005193
194 Baro Dhaperchatra 5th Plan Pry. School  F6005194 F7005194 F8005194 F8A005194
195 Kharija Dhaperchatra Sishu Siksha Kendra F6005195 F7005195 F8005195 F8A005195
196 Bipin Chandra Roy 5th Plan Pry. School  F6005196 F7005196 F8005196 F8A005196
197 Khenchi Kachharirghat Pry. School F6005197 F7005197 F8005197 F8A005197
198 Dhaperchhatra Aided Primary School  F6005198 F7005198 F8005198 F8A005198
199 Antaram 5th Plan Pry. School, Room-1 F6005199 F7005199 F8005199 F8A005199
200 Antaram 5th Plan Pry. School, Room-2 F6005200 F7005200 F8005200 F8A005200
201 Garkhola Aided Primary School F6005201 F7005201 F8005201 F8A005201
202 Ward No.5 Newly Setup Primary School  F6005202 F7005202 F8005202 F8A005202
203 Purba Gossairhat AdhikaryPara Sishu Shiksha Kendra F6005203 F7005203 F8005203 F8A005203
204 Katbasherghar Newly Setup Pry. School  F6005204 F7005204 F8005204 F8A005204
205 Chhoto Dhaperchatra Anganwadi Kendra F6005205 F7005205 F8005205 F8A005205
206 Chhoto Dhaperchatra Sishu Siksha Kendra Centre  F6005206 F7005206 F8005206 F8A005206
207 Gossairhat Jr. Basic School  F6005207 F7005207 F8005207 F8A005207
208 Gossairhat High School  F6005208 F7005208 F8005208 F8A005208
209 Ramani Mohan Vidyapith  F6005209 F7005209 F8005209 F8A005209
210 Barogharia Pry. School  F6005210 F7005210 F8005210 F8A005210
211 Atharokota Pry. School  F6005211 F7005211 F8005211 F8A005211
212 Baro Madhusudan Rupeswar Roy High School F6005212 F7005212 F8005212 F8A005212
213 Baro Madhusudan Special Cadre Pry. School F6005213 F7005213 F8005213 F8A005213
214 Gadopota Special Cadre Pry . School  F6005214 F7005214 F8005214 F8A005214
215 Gadopota Jambari Pry. School  F6005215 F7005215 F8005215 F8A005215
216 Purba Rajarbari New Pry . School  F6005216 F7005216 F8005216 F8A005216
217 Raniganj Refugee Rehabilitation Pry. School, Room-1  F6005217 F7005217 F8005217 F8A005217
218 Raniganj Refugee Rehabilitation Pry. School, Room-2 F6005218 F7005218 F8005218 F8A005218
219 Raniganj Madhyamik Siksha Kendra F6005219 F7005219 F8005219 F8A005219
220 Sitalkuchi Girls' Aided Primary School,  Room-1 F6005220 F7005220 F8005220 F8A005220
221 Vidyasagar Sishu Siksha Kendra, Room-2 F6005221 F7005221 F8005221 F8A005221
222 Bamandanga Sishu Shiksha Kendra F6005222 F7005222 F8005222 F8A005222
223 Sitalkuchi Jr. Basic School F6005223 F7005223 F8005223 F8A005223
224 Krishna Colony Aided Pry. School, Room-1 F6005224 F7005224 F8005224 F8A005224
225 Krishna Colony Aided Pry. School, Room-2 F6005225 F7005225 F8005225 F8A005225
226 Sitalkuchi Girls' Aided Primary School,  Room-2 F6005226 F7005226 F8005226 F8A005226
227 Sitalkuchi Saharullah 5th Plan Pry. School  F6005227 F7005227 F8005227 F8A005227
228 Karjirdighi Govt. Primary School, Room-1  F6005228 F7005228 F8005228 F8A005228
229 Karjirdighi Govt. Primary School, Room-2 F6005229 F7005229 F8005229 F8A005229
230 Fulbari Special Cadre Pry. School, Room-1 F6005230 F7005230 F8005230 F8A005230
231 Dhanirtari Mahimchandra 5th Plan Pry. School  F6005231 F7005231 F8005231 F8A005231
232 Purbasnanshat 4th Plan Pry. School  F6005232 F7005232 F8005232 F8A005232
233 Ratherdanga Sishu Siksha Kendra Centre F6005233 F7005233 F8005233 F8A005233
234 Ratherdanga Anganwadi Kendra F6005234 F7005234 F8005234 F8A005234
235 Rajarbari Govt. Primary School  F6005235 F7005235 F8005235 F8A005235
236 Satirdighi Sishu Shiksha Kendra F6005236 F7005236 F8005236 F8A005236
237 Fulbari Special Cadre Pry. School, Room-2   F6005237 F7005237 F8005237 F8A005237
238 Sitalkuchi High School, Room-1 F6005238 F7005238 F8005238 F8A005238
239 Sitalkuchi High School, Room-2 F6005239 F7005239 F8005239 F8A005239
240 Sitalkuchi Gopinath High School, Room-1 F6005240 F7005240 F8005240 F8A005240
241 Sitalkuchi Gopinath High School, Room-2 F6005241 F7005241 F8005241 F8A005241
242 Atiabari Nepra Jr. Basic  School  F6005242 F7005242 F8005242 F8A005242
243 Paglardanga Madhyamik Siksha Kendra F6005243 F7005243 F8005243 F8A005243
244 Dewankot Joyduar No.2 State Plan Pry. School F6005244 F7005244 F8005244 F8A005244
245 Petlanepra Anganwadi Kendra F6005245 F7005245 F8005245 F8A005245
246 Dewankot Joyduar Central Sponsored Pry. School F6005246 F7005246 F8005246 F8A005246
247 Bara Gadaikhora Khanuardanga 5th Plan Pry. School  F6005247 F7005247 F8005247 F8A005247
248 Bara Gadaikhora Vesru Mohan High School, Room-1  F6005248 F7005248 F8005248 F8A005248
249 Bara Gadaikhora Vesru Mohan High School, Room-2  F6005249 F7005249 F8005249 F8A005249
250 Bara Gadaikhora Pry. School  F6005250 F7005250 F8005250 F8A005250
251 Sarbeswar Joyduar No.1 Aided Pry. School, Room-1 F6005251 F7005251 F8005251 F8A005251
252 Sarbeswar Joyduar No.1 Aided Pry. School, Room-2 F6005252 F7005252 F8005252 F8A005252
253 Chhoto Salbari Jamiruddin High School, Room-1 F6005253 F7005253 F8005253 F8A005253
254 Chhoto Salbari Jamiruddin High School, Room-2 F6005254 F7005254 F8005254 F8A005254
255 Kurshamari  Dwitiya Khanda 5th Plan Pry. School  F6005255 F7005255 F8005255 F8A005255
256 Nagar Shovaganj 5th Plan Pry. School  F6005256 F7005256 F8005256 F8A005256
257 Purba Sarbeswar Joyduar Primary School F6005257 F7005257 F8005257 F8A005257
258 Rajaram Joyduar 5th Plan Pry. School  F6005258 F7005258 F8005258 F8A005258
259 Sarbeswar Joyduar Jr. Basic School F6005259 F7005259 F8005259 F8A005259
260 Sarbeswar Joyduar 5th Plan Pry. School  F6005260 F7005260 F8005260 F8A005260
261 Petla Nepra 4th Plan Pry. School, Room-1 F6005261 F7005261 F8005261 F8A005261
262 Petla Nepra 4th Plan Pry. School, Room-2 F6005262 F7005262 F8005262 F8A005262
263 Nagar Nepra 4th Plan Pry. School  F6005263 F7005263 F8005263 F8A005263
264 Bara Maricha Amirulla Patowari M.S.K. (Senior Madrasa) F6005264 F7005264 F8005264 F8A005264
265 Nagar Lalbazar 5th Plan Primary School  F6005265 F7005265 F8005265 F8A005265
266 Chhat Lalbazar Aided Primary School  F6005266 F7005266 F8005266 F8A005266
267 Kedarnath Rufugee Rehabilitisation Pry. School (Nagar Lalbazar) F6005267 F7005267 F8005267 F8A005267
268 Kedarnath  Jr. High School F6005268 F7005268 F8005268 F8A005268
269 Baromasia Govt. Primary School  F6005269 F7005269 F8005269 F8A005269
270 Baromasia DebnathPara Newly Setup Pry. School  F6005270 F7005270 F8005270 F8A005270
271 Baromasia High School, Room-1 F6005271 F7005271 F8005271 F8A005271
272 Baromasia High School, Room-2 F6005272 F7005272 F8005272 F8A005272
273 Lalbazar Junior Basic School F6005273 F7005273 F8005273 F8A005273
274 Putia Baromasia  Rufugee Rehabilitisation Pry. School F6005274 F7005274 F8005274 F8A005274
275 Putia Baromasia  Sishu Shiksha Kendra  F6005275 F7005275 F8005275 F8A005275
276 Nagar Lalbazar Jr. Basic School  F6005276 F7005276 F8005276 F8A005276
277 Bara Maricha Jr. Basic School F6005277 F7005277 F8005277 F8A005277
278 Bara Maricha Deepti Sangha Umesh Chandra Biswas Pry. School F6005278 F7005278 F8005278 F8A005278
279 Bara Maricha Delowar Hossain High School  F6005279 F7005279 F8005279 F8A005279
280 Gitaldaha Maricha 4th Plan Pry. School, Room-1 F6005280 F7005280 F8005280 F8A005280
281 Gitaldaha Maricha 4th Plan Pry. School, Room-2 F6005281 F7005281 F8005281 F8A005281
282 Gitaldaha Maricha Anganwadi Kendra, Paschim F6005282 F7005282 F8005282 F8A005282
283 Jaigir Golenowhati 5th Plan Pry. School  F6005283 F7005283 F8005283 F8A005283
284 Paschim Golenowahti Sishu Siksha Kendra F6005284 F7005284 F8005284 F8A005284
285 Mirapara Special Cadre Pry. School  F6005285 F7005285 F8005285 F8A005285
286 Golenowhati No.1 Govt. Pry. School  F6005286 F7005286 F8005286 F8A005286
287 Kasarpara Sishu Siksha Kendra  F6005287 F7005287 F8005287 F8A005287
288 Golenowhati No.2 Govt. Pry. School  F6005288 F7005288 F8005288 F8A005288
289 Golenowhati Jame High Madrasa F6005289 F7005289 F8005289 F8A005289
290 Mirapara Govt. Pry. School  F6005290 F7005290 F8005290 F8A005290
291 Golenowhati Madhyamik Siksha Kendra F6005291 F7005291 F8005291 F8A005291
292 Madhya Golenowhati Sishu Siksha Kendra, Room-1 F6005292 F7005292 F8005292 F8A005292
293 Madhya Golenowhati Sishu Siksha Kendra, Room-2 F6005293 F7005293 F8005293 F8A005293
294 Pathantuli Govt. Pry. School, Room-1 F6005294 F7005294 F8005294 F8A005294
295 Pathantuli Govt. Pry. School, Room-2 F6005295 F7005295 F8005295 F8A005295
296 Nagar Singimari 4th Plan Pry. School, Room-1 F6005296 F7005296 F8005296 F8A005296
297 Nagar Singimari 4th Plan Pry. School, Room-2 F6005297 F7005297 F8005297 F8A005297
298 Gachhtala Aided Primary School F6005298 F7005298 F8005298 F8A005298
299 Mirapara Bhakta Mohan Pry. School  F6005299 F7005299 F8005299 F8A005299

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