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Online Search your name in Electoral Roll Special Continuous Updation of Electoral Roll - 2016
[ from 05-JAN-2016 to 17-JAN-2016 ]
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Assembly Constituencies of Cooch Behar district of West Bengal
A.C. No.1 - Mekhliganj (SC) A.C. No.2 - Mathabhanga (SC) A.C. No.3 - Cooch Behar Uttar (SC)

A.C. No.4 - Cooch Behar Dakshin

A.C. No.5 - Sitalkuchi (SC)

A.C. No.6 - Sitai (SC)

A.C. No.7 - Dinhata

A.C. No.8 - Natabari

A.C. No.9 - Tufanganj
Status of Polling Stations under A.C. no.9 covered so far :
Part No. Polling Station Names of A.C. No. 9 - Tufanganj ANNEXURE-B
Addition [F6] Deletion [F7] Modification [F8] Transfer [F8A]
1 Chikliguri No-2 Pry. School (Room-1) F6009001 F7009001 F8009001 F8A009001
2 Chikliguri No-2 Pry. School (Room-2) F6009002 F7009002 F8009002 F8A009002
3 Bhurkush High School F6009003 F7009003 F8009003 F8A009003
4 Chhat Chikliguri Pry. School F6009004 F7009004 F8009004 F8A009004
5 Uttar Dhalpal 4th Plan Pry. School F6009005 F7009005 F8009005 F8A009005
6 Sikdarerkhata Spl. Cadre Pry. School F6009006 F7009006 F8009006 F8A009006
7 Dakshin Shikdarerkhata 5th Plan Pry. School F6009007 F7009007 F8009007 F8A009007
8 Sikdarerkhata Dhallar Pry. School F6009008 F7009008 F8009008 F8A009008
9 Community Hall,  Dhalpal Bazar F6009009 F7009009 F8009009 F8A009009
10 Thakur Panchanan Madhyamik Shiksha Kendra  F6009010 F7009010 F8009010 F8A009010
11 Dhalpal Higher Secondary School (Room-1) F6009011 F7009011 F8009011 F8A009011
12 Dhalpal Higher Secondary School (Room-2) F6009012 F7009012 F8009012 F8A009012
13 Dhalpal 2 Pry. School F6009013 F7009013 F8009013 F8A009013
14 Dhalpal Spl. Cadre Pry. School F6009014 F7009014 F8009014 F8A009014
15 Dorko Govt. Pry. School F6009015 F7009015 F8009015 F8A009015
16 Chengtimari 4th Plan Pry. School F6009016 F7009016 F8009016 F8A009016
17 Nagururhat High School (H.S.) F6009017 F7009017 F8009017 F8A009017
18 Dorko Salbari Pry. School F6009018 F7009018 F8009018 F8A009018
19 Salbari Junior Basic School (Room-1) F6009019 F7009019 F8009019 F8A009019
20 Salbari Junior Basic School (Room-2) F6009020 F7009020 F8009020 F8A009020
21 Nagururhat Karjeepara Junior Basic School (Room-1) F6009021 F7009021 F8009021 F8A009021
22 Nagururhat Karjeepara Junior Basic School (Room-2) F6009022 F7009022 F8009022 F8A009022
23 Bansraja Part-II Special Cadre Pry. School F6009023 F7009023 F8009023 F8A009023
24 Layekpara Sukanta Shishu Shiksha Kendra F6009024 F7009024 F8009024 F8A009024
25 Salbari High School (H.S.) F6009025 F7009025 F8009025 F8A009025
26 Bansraja Part-I New Tribal Pry. School F6009026 F7009026 F8009026 F8A009026
27 Bansraja Govt. Pry. School (Room-1) F6009027 F7009027 F8009027 F8A009027
28 Bansraja Govt. Pry. School (Room-2) F6009028 F7009028 F8009028 F8A009028
29 Bansraja No.1 Aided Pry. School F6009029 F7009029 F8009029 F8A009029
30 Bhandijalash Govt. Pry. School F6009030 F7009030 F8009030 F8A009030
31 Takoamari Govt. Pry. School (Room-1) F6009031 F7009031 F8009031 F8A009031
32 Takoamari Govt. Pry. School (Room-2) F6009032 F7009032 F8009032 F8A009032
33 Rasikbil No.2 Junior Basic School (Room-1) F6009033 F7009033 F8009033 F8A009033
34 Takoamari High School F6009034 F7009034 F8009034 F8A009034
35 Rasikbil Govt. Pry. School (Room-1) F6009035 F7009035 F8009035 F8A009035
36 Rasikbil Govt. Pry. School (Room-2) F6009036 F7009036 F8009036 F8A009036
37 Rasikbil No.2 Junior Basic School (Room-2) F6009037 F7009037 F8009037 F8A009037
38 Uttar Bakla Pry. School F6009038 F7009038 F8009038 F8A009038
39 Purba Bakla Shishu Shiksha Kendra F6009039 F7009039 F8009039 F8A009039
40 Bakla Ramkrishna High School (Room-1) F6009040 F7009040 F8009040 F8A009040
41 Bakla Ramkrishna High School (Room-2) F6009041 F7009041 F8009041 F8A009041
42 Khagribari Govt. Pry. School (Room-1) F6009042 F7009042 F8009042 F8A009042
43 Khagribari Govt. Pry. School (Room-2) F6009043 F7009043 F8009043 F8A009043
44 Madhurbhasha Haribari Shishu Shiksha Kendra F6009044 F7009044 F8009044 F8A009044
45 Dakshin Rampur 4th Plan Pry. School (Room-1) F6009045 F7009045 F8009045 F8A009045
46 Dakshin Rampur 4th Plan Pry. School (Room-2) F6009046 F7009046 F8009046 F8A009046
47 Dakshin Rampur No.2 5th Plan Pry. School F6009047 F7009047 F8009047 F8A009047
48 Dakshin Rampur Central R.R. Pry. School (Room-1) F6009048 F7009048 F8009048 F8A009048
49 Dakshin Rampur Central R.R. Pry. School (Room-2) F6009049 F7009049 F8009049 F8A009049
50 Garbhanga State Plan Pry. School F6009050 F7009050 F8009050 F8A009050
51 Singimari Purba Para Pry. School (Room-1) F6009051 F7009051 F8009051 F8A009051
52 Singimari Purba Para Pry. School (Room-2) F6009052 F7009052 F8009052 F8A009052
53 Singimari High School (H.S.) (Room-1) F6009053 F7009053 F8009053 F8A009053
54 Singimar High School (H.S.) (Room-2) F6009054 F7009054 F8009054 F8A009054
55 Dhorarkuthi Junior Basic School (Room-1) F6009055 F7009055 F8009055 F8A009055
56 Dhorarkuthi Junior Basic School (Room-2) F6009056 F7009056 F8009056 F8A009056
57 Jaldhoa No.2 Special Cadre Pry. School (Room-1) F6009057 F7009057 F8009057 F8A009057
58 Jaldhoa No.2 Special Cadre Pry. School (Room-2) F6009058 F7009058 F8009058 F8A009058
59 Paschim Rampur Vivekananda Vidyapith F6009059 F7009059 F8009059 F8A009059
60 Paschim Rampur Vidyasagar Shishu Shiksha Kendra F6009060 F7009060 F8009060 F8A009060
61 Paschim Rampur No.7 Colony Pry. School F6009061 F7009061 F8009061 F8A009061
62 Uttar Rampur 4th Plan Pry. School F6009062 F7009062 F8009062 F8A009062
63 Naziran Deutikhata Deshbandhu Pry. School F6009063 F7009063 F8009063 F8A009063
64 Naziran Deutikhata New Pry. School F6009064 F7009064 F8009064 F8A009064
65 Naziran Deutikhata Junior Basic School (Room-1) F6009065 F7009065 F8009065 F8A009065
66 Naziran Deutikhata Junior Basic School (Room-2) F6009066 F7009066 F8009066 F8A009066
67 Chhatbhalka 4th Plan Pry. School F6009067 F7009067 F8009067 F8A009067
68 Chhatbhalka No.1 Pry. School (Room-1) F6009068 F7009068 F8009068 F8A009068
69 Chhatbhalka No.1 Pry. School (Room-2) F6009069 F7009069 F8009069 F8A009069
70 Naothoa Special Cadre Pry. School F6009070 F7009070 F8009070 F8A009070
71 Jorai High School (H.S.) (Room-1) F6009071 F7009071 F8009071 F8A009071
72 Jorai High School (H.S.) (Room-2) F6009072 F7009072 F8009072 F8A009072
73 Uttar Rampur Kshudiram Shishu Shiksha Kendra F6009073 F7009073 F8009073 F8A009073
74 Uttar Rampur Kharimala Khagrabari Pry. School F6009074 F7009074 F8009074 F8A009074
75 Paschim Rampur No.5 Colony Pry. School (Room-1) F6009075 F7009075 F8009075 F8A009075
76 Paschim Rampur No.5 Colony Pry. School (Room-2) F6009076 F7009076 F8009076 F8A009076
77 Barnikata 5th Plan Pry. School (Room-1) F6009077 F7009077 F8009077 F8A009077>
78 Barnikata 5th Plan Pry. School (Room-2) F6009078 F7009078 F8009078 F8A009078
79 Falimari Chikantala Pry. School (Room-1) F6009079 F7009079 F8009079 F8A009079
80 Falimari Chikantala Pry. School (Room-2) F6009080 F7009080 F8009080 F8A009080
81 Falimari Aided Pry. School F6009081 F7009081 F8009081 F8A009081
82 Purba Falimari 5th Plan Pry. School F6009082 F7009082 F8009082 F8A009082
83 Chhat Falimari Joyguru Special Cadre Pry. School F6009083 F7009083 F8009083 F8A009083
84 Dakshin Falimari Madhyachar 5th Plan Pry. School (Room-1) F6009084 F7009084 F8009084 F8A009084
85 Dakshin Falimari Madhyachar 5th Plan Pry. School (Room-2) F6009085 F7009085 F8009085 F8A009085
86 Saldanga Vidyasagar Vidyapith (Room-1) F6009086 F7009086 F8009086 F8A009086
87 Saldanga Vidyasagar Vidyapith (Room-2) F6009087 F7009087 F8009087 F8A009087
88 Ghoksho Special Cadre Pry. School (Room-1) F6009088 F7009088 F8009088 F8A009088
89 Ghoksho Special Cadre Pry. School (Room-2) F6009089 F7009089 F8009089 F8A009089
90 Palika Neheru Vidyapith (Room-1) F6009090 F7009090 F8009090 F8A009090
91 Palika Neheru Vidyapith (Room-2) F6009091 F7009091 F8009091 F8A009091
92 Mahishkuchi High School (H.S.) (Room-1) F6009092 F7009092 F8009092 F8A009092
93 Mahishkuchi High School (H.S.) (Room-2) F6009093 F7009093 F8009093 F8A009093
94 Mahishkuchi Junior Basic School F6009094 F7009094 F8009094 F8A009094
95 Fershabari Netaji Vidyapith Junior Basic School F6009095 F7009095 F8009095 F8A009095
96 Paschim Fershabari 4th Plan Pry. School F6009096 F7009096 F8009096 F8A009096
97 Dakshin Bhanukumari Vidyasagar Pry. School F6009097 F7009097 F8009097 F8A009097
98 Bakshirhat Junior Basic School (Room-1) F6009098 F7009098 F8009098 F8A009098
99 Bakshirhat Junior Basic School (Room-2) F6009099 F7009099 F8009099 F8A009099
100 Bhanukumari Govt. Pry. School F6009100 F7009100 F8009100 F8A009100
101 Char Bhanukumari Pry. School (Room-1) F6009101 F7009101 F8009101 F8A009101
102 Char Bhanukumari Pry. School (Room-2) F6009102 F7009102 F8009102 F8A009102
103 Chhit Baralaukuthi Junior High School (Room-1) F6009103 F7009103 F8009103 F8A009103
104 Chhit Baralaukuthi Junior High School (Room-2) F6009104 F7009104 F8009104 F8A009104
105 Madhya Bhanukumari 5th Plan Pry. School (Room-1) F6009105 F7009105 F8009105 F8A009105
106 Madhya Bhanukumari 5th Plan Pry. School (Room-2) F6009106 F7009106 F8009106 F8A009106
107 Thetarpath Aided Pry. School F6009107 F7009107 F8009107 F8A009107
108 Bakshirhat High School (H.S.) (Room-1) F6009108 F7009108 F8009108 F8A009108
109 Bakshirhat High School (H.S.) (Room-2) F6009109 F7009109 F8009109 F8A009109
110 Bhanukumari-3 East Pry. School (Room-1) F6009110 F7009110 F8009110 F8A009110
111 Bhanukumari-3 East Pry. School (Room-2) F6009111 F7009111 F8009111 F8A009111
112 Ghargharia No.2 Kalachand Nanigopal Pry. School (Room-1) F6009112 F7009112 F8009112 F8A009112
113 Ghargharia No.2 Kalachand Nanigopal Pry. School (Room-2) F6009113 F7009113 F8009113 F8A009113
114 Bidhan Pathagar Vidyapith (Room-1) F6009114 F7009114 F8009114 F8A009114
115 Bidhan Pathagar Vidyapith (Room-2) F6009115 F7009115 F8009115 F8A009115
116 Dhaldabri State Plan Pry. School F6009116 F7009116 F8009116 F8A009116
117 Dhaldabri No.2 Pry. School F6009117 F7009117 F8009117 F8A009117
118 Dhaldabri Junior High School F6009118 F7009118 F8009118 F8A009118
119 Uttaran Pry. School F6009119 F7009119 F8009119 F8A009119
120 Nakarkhana Junior Basic School F6009120 F7009120 F8009120 F8A009120
121 Nakarkhana State Plan Pry. School (Room-1) F6009121 F7009121 F8009121 F8A009121
122 Nakarkhana State Plan Pry. School (Room-2) F6009122 F7009122 F8009122 F8A009122
123 Nakarkhana R.R. Pry. School F6009123 F7009123 F8009123 F8A009123
124 Nakarkhana Jelepara Shishu Shiksha Kendra F6009124 F7009124 F8009124 F8A009124
125 Mantani Govt. Pry. School F6009125 F7009125 F8009125 F8A009125
126 Chhat Bhareya Aided Pry. School F6009126 F7009126 F8009126 F8A009126
127 Jhawkuthi Central Sponsored Pry. School F6009127 F7009127 F8009127 F8A009127
128 Shilghagri Govt. Pry. School (Room-1) F6009128 F7009128 F8009128 F8A009128
129 Shilghagri Govt. Pry. School (Room-2) F6009129 F7009129 F8009129 F8A009129
130 Balakuthi High School (Room-1) F6009130 F7009130 F8009130 F8A009130
131 Balakuthi High School (Room-2) F6009131 F7009131 F8009131 F8A009131
132 Balakuthi Aided Pry. School (Room-1) F6009132 F7009132 F8009132 F8A009132
133 Balakuthi Aided Pry. School (Room-2) F6009133 F7009133 F8009133 F8A009133
134 Dakshin Balakuthi Nazrul Shishu Niketan Pry. School F6009134 F7009134 F8009134 F8A009134
135 Talliguri High School (Room-1) F6009135 F7009135 F8009135 F8A009135
136 Talliguri High School (Room-2) F6009136 F7009136 F8009136 F8A009136
137 Talliguri Govt. Pry. School (Room-1) F6009137 F7009137 F8009137 F8A009137
138 Talliguri Govt. Pry. School (Room-2) F6009138 F7009138 F8009138 F8A009138
139 Barasalbari Aided Pry. School (Room-1) F6009139 F7009139 F8009139 F8A009139
140 Barasalbari Aided Pry. School (Room-2) F6009140 F7009140 F8009140 F8A009140
141 Bochamari High School (H.S.) (Room-1) F6009141 F7009141 F8009141 F8A009141
142 Bochamari High School (H.S.) (Room-2) F6009142 F7009142 F8009142 F8A009142
143 Jirati Salbari Aided Pry. School F6009143 F7009143 F8009143 F8A009143
144 Sukdhan Pry. School F6009144 F7009144 F8009144 F8A009144
145 Bajrapur Special Cadre Pry. School F6009145 F7009145 F8009145 F8A009145
146 Turkanirkuthi New Pry. School F6009146 F7009146 F8009146 F8A009146
147 Trisima Special Cadre Pry. School F6009147 F7009147 F8009147 F8A009147
148 Harirhat High School (H.S.) (Room-1) F6009148 F7009148 F8009148 F8A009148
149 Harirhat High School (H.S.) (Room-2) F6009149 F7009149 F8009149 F8A009149
150 Bhandijalash Madhyapara 5th Plan Pry. School F6009150 F7009150 F8009150 F8A009150
151 Jhingapuni Aided Primary School F6009151 F7009151 F8009151 F8A009151
152 Taraganj Special Cadre Pry. School (Room-2) F6009152 F7009152 F8009152 F8A009152
153 Taraganj Special Cadre Pry. School (Room-1) F6009153 F7009153 F8009153 F8A009153
154 Barokodali High School (H.S.) (Room-1) F6009154 F7009154 F8009154 F8A009154
155 Haripur Aided 1st Phase Pry. School (Room-1) F6009155 F7009155 F8009155 F8A009155
156 Haripur Aided 1st Phase Pry. School (Room-2) F6009156 F7009156 F8009156 F8A009156
157 Langalgram R.R. Pry. School (Room-1) F6009157 F7009157 F8009157 F8A009157
158 Langalgram R.R. Pry. School (Room-2) F6009158 F7009158 F8009158 F8A009158
159 Mechkoka Govt. Pry. School F6009159 F7009159 F8009159 F8A009159
160 Barokodali High School (H.S.) (Room-2) F6009160 F7009160 F8009160 F8A009160
161 Barokodali Govt. Pry. School (Room-1) F6009161 F7009161 F8009161 F8A009161
162 Barokodali Govt. Pry. School (Room-2) F6009162 F7009162 F8009162 F8A009162
163 Andaran Fulbari  Harirdham High School (Room-1) F6009163 F7009163 F8009163 F8A009163
164 Andaran Fulbari  Harirdham High School (Room-2) F6009164 F7009164 F8009164 F8A009164
165 Tufanganj Mahavidyalaya F6009165 F7009165 F8009165 F8A009165
166 Tufanganj Municipality No. 1 Pry. School F6009166 F7009166 F8009166 F8A009166
167 Andaran Fulbari  No-1 Gram Panchayat Pry. School (Room-1) F6009167 F7009167 F8009167 F8A009167
168 Andaran Fulbari  No-1 Gram Panchayat Pry. School (Room-2) F6009168 F7009168 F8009168 F8A009168
169 Tufanganj Madanmohanpara 5th Plan Pry. School (Room-1) F6009169 F7009169 F8009169 F8A009169
170 Tufanganj Madanmohanpara 5th Plan Pry. School (Room-2) F6009170 F7009170 F8009170 F8A009170
171 Vidyasagar Block (XI-Science) N.N.M. High School F6009171 F7009171 F8009171 F8A009171
172 Vidyasagar Block (XII-Science) N.N.M. High School F6009172 F7009172 F8009172 F8A009172
173 Tufanganj Newtown Netaji Higher Secondary School F6009173 F7009173 F8009173 F8A009173
174 Tufanganj Municipality No.3 Pry. School  F6009174 F7009174 F8009174 F8A009174
175 Tufanganj Newtown R.R. Pry. School F6009175 F7009175 F8009175 F8A009175
176 R.N.A. Block (Room-1) N.N.M. High School F6009176 F7009176 F8009176 F8A009176
177 R.N.A. Block (Room-2) N.N.M. High School F6009177 F7009177 F8009177 F8A009177
178 Tufanganj Irrigation Office Building (New Building) F6009178 F7009178 F8009178 F8A009178
179 Tufanganj Municipality No.4 Pry. School  F6009179 F7009179 F8009179 F8A009179
180 Tufanganj Town Vidyasagar Pry. School F6009180 F7009180 F8009180 F8A009180
181 Tufanganj ILa Debi Girls Higher Secondary School (Room-1) F6009181 F7009181 F8009181 F8A009181
182 Tufanganj ILa Debi Girls Higher Secondary School (Room-2) F6009182 F7009182 F8009182 F8A009182
183 Bapuji Vidyapith Spl. Cadre Pry. School F6009183 F7009183 F8009183 F8A009183
184 ILa Debi Nimna Buniadi Balika Vidyalaya F6009184 F7009184 F8009184 F8A009184
185 Andaran Fulbari 4th Plan Pry. School (Jamerdanga) (Room-1) F6009185 F7009185 F8009185 F8A009185
186 Khorarpar Shishu Shiksha Kendra F6009186 F7009186 F8009186 F8A009186
187 Andaran Fulbari 4th Plan Pry. School ( Jamerdanga) (Room-2) F6009187 F7009187 F8009187 F8A009187
188 Andaran Fulbari 4th Plan Pry. School ( Jamerdanga) (Room-3) F6009188 F7009188 F8009188 F8A009188
189 Andaran Fulbari High School (Room-1) F6009189 F7009189 F8009189 F8A009189
190 Andaran Fulbari High School (Room-2) F6009190 F7009190 F8009190 F8A009190
191 Subhashpally  Netaji  4th Plan Pry. School (Room-1) F6009191 F7009191 F8009191 F8A009191
192 Subhashpally  Netaji  4th Plan Pry. School (Room-2) F6009192 F7009192 F8009192 F8A009192
193 Nayaneswari Spl. Cadre Pry. School (Room-1) F6009193 F7009193 F8009193 F8A009193
194 Nayaneswari Spl. Cadre Pry. School (Room-2) F6009194 F7009194 F8009194 F8A009194
195 Chamta No-2 Aided Pry. School (Room-1) F6009195 F7009195 F8009195 F8A009195
196 Chamta No-2 Aided Pry. School (Room-2) F6009196 F7009196 F8009196 F8A009196
197 Sikarpur Vivekananda Vidyapith  Pry. School (Room-1) F6009197 F7009197 F8009197 F8A009197
198 Sikarpur Vivekananda Vidyapith  Pry. School (Room-2) F6009198 F7009198 F8009198 F8A009198
199 Chamta Deshbandhu Vidyalaya (H.S.) (Room-1) F6009199 F7009199 F8009199 F8A009199
200 Chamta Deshbandhu Vidyalaya (H.S.) (Room-2) F6009200 F7009200 F8009200 F8A009200
201 Kamat Fulbari Kuthibari Pry. School F6009201 F7009201 F8009201 F8A009201
202 Tufanganj Vivekananda Vidyalaya (H.S.) (Room-1) F6009202 F7009202 F8009202 F8A009202
203 Tufanganj Vivekananda Vidyalaya (H.S.) (Room-2) F6009203 F7009203 F8009203 F8A009203
204 Kamat Fulbari Angadevi Girls' High School F6009204 F7009204 F8009204 F8A009204
205 Tufanganj Netaji R.R. Pry. School F6009205 F7009205 F8009205 F8A009205
206 Chamta No-1 Aided Pry. School F6009206 F7009206 F8009206 F8A009206
207 Chamta Anganwari Kendra (No.132) F6009207 F7009207 F8009207 F8A009207
208 Chamta Kuthibari Newly Setup Pry. School F6009208 F7009208 F8009208 F8A009208
209 Chamta Guneswaridham Pry. School (Room-1) F6009209 F7009209 F8009209 F8A009209
210 Chamta Guneswaridham Pry. School (Room-2) F6009210 F7009210 F8009210 F8A009210
211 Chhoto Mahadeber Dham Junior Basic School (Room-1) F6009211 F7009211 F8009211 F8A009211
212 Chhoto Mahadeber Dham Junior Basic School (Room-2) F6009212 F7009212 F8009212 F8A009212
213 Nakkatigachh Madhyamik Shiksha Kendra  F6009213 F7009213 F8009213 F8A009213
214 Dwiparpar Govt. Pry. School (Room-1) F6009214 F7009214 F8009214 F8A009214
215 Dwiparpar Govt. Pry. School (Room-2) F6009215 F7009215 F8009215 F8A009215
216 Dakshin Nakkatigachh Pry. School F6009216 F7009216 F8009216 F8A009216
217 Nakkati High School F6009217 F7009217 F8009217 F8A009217
218 Dhadial Phacharu Bazar Anganwari Kendra (No.127)  F6009218 F7009218 F8009218 F8A009218
219 Dwiparpar No-2 Pry. School F6009219 F7009219 F8009219 F8A009219
220 Dakshin Dwiparpar Shishu Shiksha Kendra F6009220 F7009220 F8009220 F8A009220
221 Debagram No-1 Aided Pry. School F6009221 F7009221 F8009221 F8A009221
222 Madhya Rajarkuthi Sishu Shiksha Kendra (Room-1) F6009222 F7009222 F8009222 F8A009222
223 Madhya Rajarkuthi Sishu Shiksha Kendra (Room-2) F6009223 F7009223 F8009223 F8A009223
224 Madhya Begarkhata 5th Plan Pry. School F6009224 F7009224 F8009224 F8A009224
225 Begarkhata Aided Pry. School F6009225 F7009225 F8009225 F8A009225
226 Sourkhata 5th Plan Pry. School F6009226 F7009226 F8009226 F8A009226
227 Dhanmatia Harirdham Pry. School F6009227 F7009227 F8009227 F8A009227
228 Dhanmatia Junior Basic School F6009228 F7009228 F8009228 F8A009228
229 Vivekananda Pry. School F6009229 F7009229 F8009229 F8A009229
230 Bhareya Aided 1st Plan Pry. School (Room-1) F6009230 F7009230 F8009230 F8A009230
231 Bhareya Aided 1st Plan Pry. School (Room-2) F6009231 F7009231 F8009231 F8A009231
232 Mansai No.1 Aided Pry. School (Room-1) F6009232 F7009232 F8009232 F8A009232
233 Mansai No.1 Aided Pry. School (Room-2) F6009233 F7009233 F8009233 F8A009233
234 Mansai Bhabaniganj Amiruddin Pry. School F6009234 F7009234 F8009234 F8A009234
235 Mansai No.2 Pry. School (Room-1) F6009235 F7009235 F8009235 F8A009235
236 Mansai No.2 Pry. School (Room-2) F6009236 F7009236 F8009236 F8A009236
237 Debagram No.2 Special Cadre Pry. School (Room-1) F6009237 F7009237 F8009237 F8A009237
238 Debagram No.2 Special Cadre Pry. School (Room-2) F6009238 F7009238 F8009238 F8A009238
239 Debagram No.3 Aided 1st Phase Pry. School F6009239 F7009239 F8009239 F8A009239
240 Balabhut Vidyasagar Vidyapith Jr. High School F6009240 F7009240 F8009240 F8A009240
241 Rajarkuthi Aided Primary School F6009241 F7009241 F8009241 F8A009241
242 Balabhut High School (Room-1) F6009242 F7009242 F8009242 F8A009242
243 Balabhut High School (Room-2) F6009243 F7009243 F8009243 F8A009243
244 Gopalerkuthi Aided Pry. School (Room-1) F6009244 F7009244 F8009244 F8A009244
245 Gopalerkuthi Aided Pry. School (Room-2) F6009245 F7009245 F8009245 F8A009245
246 Dakshin Balabhut 4th Plan Pry. School F6009246 F7009246 F8009246 F8A009246
247 Char Balabhut Burirjhar Pry. School F6009247 F7009247 F8009247 F8A009247
248 Char Balabhut 4th Plan Pry. School F6009248 F7009248 F8009248 F8A009248
249 Char Jhawkuthi 5th Plan Pry. School (Room-1) F6009249 F7009249 F8009249 F8A009249
250 Char Jhawkuthi 5th Plan Pry. School (Room-2) F6009250 F7009250 F8009250 F8A009250
251 Jhawkuthi Govt. Pry. School (Room-1) F6009251 F7009251 F8009251 F8A009251
252 Jhawkuthi Govt. Pry. School (Room-2) F6009252 F7009252 F8009252 F8A009252

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