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Online Search your name in Electoral Roll Special Continuous Updation of Electoral Roll - 2016
[ from 05-JAN-2016 to 17-JAN-2016 ]
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Assembly Constituencies of Cooch Behar district of West Bengal
A.C. No.1 - Mekhliganj (SC) A.C. No.2 - Mathabhanga (SC) A.C. No.3 - Cooch Behar Uttar (SC)

A.C. No.4 - Cooch Behar Dakshin

A.C. No.5 - Sitalkuchi (SC)

A.C. No.6 - Sitai (SC)

A.C. No.7 - Dinhata

A.C. No.8 - Natabari

A.C. No.9 - Tufanganj
Status of Polling Stations under A.C. no.1 covered so far :
Part No. Polling Station Names of  A.C. No. 1 - Mekhliganj (SC) ANNEXURE-B
Addition [F6] Deletion [F7] Modification [F8] Transfer [F8A]
1 Chhat Dhulia Baladiahati Aided Primary School F6001001 F7001001 F8001001 F8A001001
2 Tarun S. S. K. F6001002 F7001002 F8001002 F8A001002
3 142, Kamat Changrabandha Fifth Plan Primary School F6001003 F7001003 F8001003 F8A001003
4 Vivekananda S. S. K. F6001004 F7001004 F8001004 F8A001004
5 Alokjhari High School F6001005 F7001005 F8001005 F8A001005
6 Alokjhari Netaji Primary School F6001006 F7001006 F8001006 F8A001006
7 Uttar Hemkumari Aided Primary School F6001007 F7001007 F8001007 F8A001007
8 Boknabandha Aided Primary School(First Phase) F6001008 F7001008 F8001008 F8A001008
9 Baniapara S. S. K. Building F6001009 F7001009 F8001009 F8A001009
10 Shoulmari First Phase Aided Primary School F6001010 F7001010 F8001010 F8A001010
11 183, Shoulmari Netaji Subhas M. S. K. F6001011 F7001011 F8001011 F8A001011
12 Shoulmari High School F6001012 F7001012 F8001012 F8A001012
13 Prasadiram Primary School F6001013 F7001013 F8001013 F8A001013
14 Sarohati New Primary School F6001014 F7001014 F8001014 F8A001014
15 Kamalananda Giri Fourth Plan Primary School F6001015 F7001015 F8001015 F8A001015
16 168, Dhulia Baldiahati Karjibari 5th Plan Primary School F6001016 F7001016 F8001016 F8A001016
17 174, Dhulia Khalisa Shishu Shiksha Kendra F6001017 F7001017 F8001017 F8A001017
18 Dhulia Hat A. P. School F6001018 F7001018 F8001018 F8A001018
19 Umakanta Shishu Vidyapith F6001019 F7001019 F8001019 F8A001019
20 Uchhalpukuri Krishak Udyog High School F6001020 F7001020 F8001020 F8A001020
21 Chhat Jamaldaha Golapchand Primary School F6001021 F7001021 F8001021 F8A001021
22 Dhulia Khalisa First Phase Aided Primary School F6001022 F7001022 F8001022 F8A001022
23 Dhulia Baldiahati Fourth Plan Primary School F6001023 F7001023 F8001023 F8A001023
24 Dhulia Baldiahati I. C. D. S. Centre F6001024 F7001024 F8001024 F8A001024
25 Chhatdhulia Ramsundar S . C Primary School ( Room No. 1) F6001025 F7001025 F8001025 F8A001025
26 Chhatdhulia Ramsundar S . C Primary School ( Room No.2) F6001026 F7001026 F8001026 F8A001026
27 Shaltali Aided Primary School F6001027 F7001027 F8001027 F8A001027
28 177, Dhulia Khalisha S. S. K. F6001028 F7001028 F8001028 F8A001028
29 Uchhal Pukuri No.3 Fourth Plan Primary School F6001029 F7001029 F8001029 F8A001029
30 Uchhal Pukuri Aided Primary School ( Room No. 1) F6001030 F7001030 F8001030 F8A001030
31 Uchhal Pukuri Aided Primary School ( Room No. 2) F6001031 F7001031 F8001031 F8A001031
32 Uchhal Pukuri No.2 S.C. Primary School F6001032 F7001032 F8001032 F8A001032
33 Uchhal Pukuri No.1 Special Cadre Primary School F6001033 F7001033 F8001033 F8A001033
34 Charcharabari Fourth Plan Primary School F6001034 F7001034 F8001034 F8A001034
35 Dhulia Uchhalpukuri Fifth Plan Primary School F6001035 F7001035 F8001035 F8A001035
36 Kalia Memorial S. P. Primary School F6001036 F7001036 F8001036 F8A001036
37 Balasir Ghat Aided Primary School F6001037 F7001037 F8001037 F8A001037
38 Haranath Fourth Plan Primary School F6001038 F7001038 F8001038 F8A001038
39 162, Patchhara Gopalpur C. S. Primary School F6001039 F7001039 F8001039 F8A001039
40 Thunkirjhar Govt. Primary School ( Room No. 1) F6001040 F7001040 F8001040 F8A001040
41 Thunkirjhar Govt. Primary School ( Room No. 2) F6001041 F7001041 F8001041 F8A001041
42 Kharija Gopalpur Fifth Plan Primary School F6001042 F7001042 F8001042 F8A001042
43 Kharija Jamaldaha First Phase Aided Primary School ( Room No. 1) F6001043 F7001043 F8001043 F8A001043
44 Kharija Jamaldaha First Phase Aided Primary School ( Room No. 2) F6001044 F7001044 F8001044 F8A001044
45 Jamaldaha No.2 New Primary School F6001045 F7001045 F8001045 F8A001045
46 Jamaldaha Tulsidebi Higher Secondary School F6001046 F7001046 F8001046 F8A001046
47 New Jamaldaha R. R. Primary School F6001047 F7001047 F8001047 F8A001047
48 Dwarikamari No.2 Govt: Primary School F6001048 F7001048 F8001048 F8A001048
49 Dwarikamari Adarsha Primary School F6001049 F7001049 F8001049 F8A001049
50 Patchhara Buraburi Aided Primary School F6001050 F7001050 F8001050 F8A001050
51 Barauni Haribasar Fourth Plan Primary School F6001051 F7001051 F8001051 F8A001051
52 Dwarikamari No.1 Govt. Primary School ( Room No. 1) F6001052 F7001052 F8001052 F8A001052
53 Dwarikamari No.1 Govt. Primary School ( Room No. 2) F6001053 F7001053 F8001053 F8A001053
54 Jamaldaha Junior Basic School ( Room No. 1) F6001054 F7001054 F8001054 F8A001054
55 Jamaldaha Junior Basic School ( Room No. 2) F6001055 F7001055 F8001055 F8A001055
56 Jamaldaha First Phase Aided Primary School F6001056 F7001056 F8001056 F8A001056
57 Doradaburi Govt Primary School F6001057 F7001057 F8001057 F8A001057
58 Doradabri S. S. K. F6001058 F7001058 F8001058 F8A001058
59 Chitiar Danga I.C.D.S. Centre F6001059 F7001059 F8001059 F8A001059
60 157, Jamaldaha S. S. K. F6001060 F7001060 F8001060 F8A001060
61 Kamat Changrabandha State Plan Primary School ( Room No. 1) F6001061 F7001061 F8001061 F8A001061
62 Kamat Changrabandha State Plan Primary School ( Room No. 2) F6001062 F7001062 F8001062 F8A001062
63 Boknabandha Netaji Fourth Plan Primary School ( Room No. 1) F6001063 F7001063 F8001063 F8A001063
64 Boknabandha Netaji Fourth Plan Primary School ( Room No. 2) F6001064 F7001064 F8001064 F8A001064
65 Panishala Special Cadre Primary School F6001065 F7001065 F8001065 F8A001065
66 152, Panishala S. S. K. F6001066 F7001066 F8001066 F8A001066
67 Kamat Changrabandha Junior Basic School F6001067 F7001067 F8001067 F8A001067
68 Taramohan Fifth Plan Primary School F6001068 F7001068 F8001068 F8A001068
69 Kamat Changrabandha Fifth Plan Primary School (Near BDO's Office) F6001069 F7001069 F8001069 F8A001069
70 141, Kamat Changrabandha Fifth Plan Primary School F6001070 F7001070 F8001070 F8A001070
71 Panishala Aided Primary School F6001071 F7001071 F8001071 F8A001071
72 Changrabandha Junior Basic School ( Room No. 1) F6001072 F7001072 F8001072 F8A001072
73 Changrabandha Junior Basic School ( Room No. 2) F6001073 F7001073 F8001073 F8A001073
74 Gandhipathshala Junior Basic School F6001074 F7001074 F8001074 F8A001074
75 Changrabandha Higher Secondary School ( Room No. 1) F6001075 F7001075 F8001075 F8A001075
76 Changrabandha Higher Secondary School ( Room No. 2) F6001076 F7001076 F8001076 F8A001076
77 Bhotbari S. C. Primary School F6001077 F7001077 F8001077 F8A001077
78 Mekhliganj Bhotebari 151, Panishala S. S. K. F6001078 F7001078 F8001078 F8A001078
79 Bhotbari No.2 A.P. School ( Room No. 1) F6001079 F7001079 F8001079 F8A001079
80 Bhotbari No.2 A.P. School ( Room No. 2) F6001080 F7001080 F8001080 F8A001080
81 Bhaktibala Fourth Plan Primary School F6001081 F7001081 F8001081 F8A001081
82 Bhotbari S. P. Primary School F6001082 F7001082 F8001082 F8A001082
83 147, Purba Bhotbari Basakertari Fifth Plan Primary School F6001083 F7001083 F8001083 F8A001083
84 Battala S. S. K. F6001084 F7001084 F8001084 F8A001084
85 Lothamari Aided Primary School (First Phase) F6001085 F7001085 F8001085 F8A001085
86 147, Bhotbari I C D S Centre F6001086 F7001086 F8001086 F8A001086
87 Uttar Niztaraf Aided Primary School F6001087 F7001087 F8001087 F8A001087
88 40, Niztaraf Fifth Plan Primary School ( Room No. 1) F6001088 F7001088 F8001088 F8A001088
89 40, Niztaraf Fifth Plan Primary School ( Room No. 2) F6001089 F7001089 F8001089 F8A001089
90 Rup Singh Fourth Plan Primary School F6001090 F7001090 F8001090 F8A001090
91 Kalyan Kumari A P School F6001091 F7001091 F8001091 F8A001091
92 Mekhliganj College F6001092 F7001092 F8001092 F8A001092
93 Joyhari Aided Primary School F6001093 F7001093 F8001093 F8A001093
94 72, Niztaraf Fifth Plan Primary School F6001094 F7001094 F8001094 F8A001094
95 25, Tistapayesti S. S. K. F6001095 F7001095 F8001095 F8A001095
96 Boxiganj Payasti A. P. 1st Phase School F6001096 F7001096 F8001096 F8A001096
97 Boalmari Govt. Primary School F6001097 F7001097 F8001097 F8A001097
98 Bibiganj Junior Basic School F6001098 F7001098 F8001098 F8A001098
99 Boxi Bibiganj Junior Basic School F6001099 F7001099 F8001099 F8A001099
100 Basarajbala 5th Plan New Primary School F6001100 F7001100 F8001100 F8A001100
101 Boxiganj No.2 A.P. School F6001101 F7001101 F8001101 F8A001101
102 Abdul Kader High School F6001102 F7001102 F8001102 F8A001102
103 KakPara I.C.D.S. Centre F6001103 F7001103 F8001103 F8A001103
104 Chhoto Haldibari New Primary School F6001104 F7001104 F8001104 F8A001104
105 Barerdanga Junior Basic School F6001105 F7001105 F8001105 F8A001105
106 No.34 Khasbosh Kherajuddin N. S. Primary School F6001106 F7001106 F8001106 F8A001106
107 Barerdanga Girls Junior High School F6001107 F7001107 F8001107 F8A001107
108 Pranmajumdar State Plan Primary School F6001108 F7001108 F8001108 F8A001108
109 Boxiganj No.1 Govt. Primary School F6001109 F7001109 F8001109 F8A001109
110 Basrajbala Aided Primary School F6001110 F7001110 F8001110 F8A001110
111 Wahabul Ullum Junior Basic School F6001111 F7001111 F8001111 F8A001111
112 Haldibari Nabakishor High School F6001112 F7001112 F8001112 F8A001112
113 Bara Hadibari Pramanik Para Primary School F6001113 F7001113 F8001113 F8A001113
114 Uttar Bara Haldibari Amabagan Ffth Plan Primary School F6001114 F7001114 F8001114 F8A001114
115 Wahabul-Ullum Junior High School F6001115 F7001115 F8001115 F8A001115
116 Kashiabari Jayanti Nagar Fifth Plan Primary School F6001116 F7001116 F8001116 F8A001116
117 Kashiabari I.C.D.S. Centre F6001117 F7001117 F8001117 F8A001117
118 Kashiabari No.2 Junior basic School ( Room No. 1) F6001118 F7001118 F8001118 F8A001118
119 Kashiabari No.2 Junior basic School ( Room No. 2) F6001119 F7001119 F8001119 F8A001119
120 Uttar Shantinagar Fifth Plan Primary School F6001120 F7001120 F8001120 F8A001120
121 Joram Para I.C.D.S. Centre F6001121 F7001121 F8001121 F8A001121
122 Payamari Milan Sangha State Plan Primary School F6001122 F7001122 F8001122 F8A001122
123 Payamari Special Cadre Primary School F6001123 F7001123 F8001123 F8A001123
124 Kashiabari 1 No Aided Primary School F6001124 F7001124 F8001124 F8A001124
125 Sardar Para New Primary School F6001125 F7001125 F8001125 F8A001125
126 Jhakuapara R . B . M Primary School F6001126 F7001126 F8001126 F8A001126
127 Uttar Shantinagar S.S.K. F6001127 F7001127 F8001127 F8A001127
128 Purbapara New Primary School, Room No. 1 F6001128 F7001128 F8001128 F8A001128
129 Purbapara New Primary School,Room No. 2 F6001129 F7001129 F8001129 F8A001129
130 Kshudiram Pally Rameshwar Dayal Primary School F6001130 F7001130 F8001130 F8A001130
131 Dharanagar Colony State Plan Primary School F6001131 F7001131 F8001131 F8A001131
132 Arabindu Smriti R.R. Primary School F6001132 F7001132 F8001132 F8A001132
133 Baladanga Junior Basic School ( Room No. 1) F6001133 F7001133 F8001133 F8A001133
134 Baladanga Junior Basic School ( Room No. 2) F6001134 F7001134 F8001134 F8A001134
135 Haldibari High School F6001135 F7001135 F8001135 F8A001135
136 Haladibari Paschimpara Fifth Plan Primary School F6001136 F7001136 F8001136 F8A001136
137 Uttar Para State Plan Primary School F6001137 F7001137 F8001137 F8A001137
138 Netaji Subhash Mahavidyalay F6001138 F7001138 F8001138 F8A001138
139 Banachand Junior Basic School F6001139 F7001139 F8001139 F8A001139
140 Gangadoba Fourth Plan Primary School F6001140 F7001140 F8001140 F8A001140
141 Goalibari Fifth Plan Primary School F6001141 F7001141 F8001141 F8A001141
142 Baladanga Shimultala S.C Primary School F6001142 F7001142 F8001142 F8A001142
143 Danga Para N.P. School F6001143 F7001143 F8001143 F8A001143
144 South Bara Haldibari Special Cadre Primary School F6001144 F7001144 F8001144 F8A001144
145 Khal Para N.P. School F6001145 F7001145 F8001145 F8A001145
146 Boxiganj Andaran Khasbosh Fifth Plan Primary School F6001146 F7001146 F8001146 F8A001146
147 Bara Haldibari Pathanpara Govt. Primary School F6001147 F7001147 F8001147 F8A001147
148 Firingirhat Class Five Primary School F6001148 F7001148 F8001148 F8A001148
149 Fatemamud Junior Basic School F6001149 F7001149 F8001149 F8A001149
150 Gyandas Fourth Plan Primary School F6001150 F7001150 F8001150 F8A001150
151 Khasbosh Bajejma Aided Primary School F6001151 F7001151 F8001151 F8A001151
152 19th Gyandas Paschim Fifth Plan Primary School F6001152 F7001152 F8001152 F8A001152
153 Madrasa More I.C.D.S. Centre F6001153 F7001153 F8001153 F8A001153
154 Vandanirhat S. S. K. F6001154 F7001154 F8001154 F8A001154
155 Hudumdanga A. P. School F6001155 F7001155 F8001155 F8A001155
156 Dewanganj Fifth Plan Primary School F6001156 F7001156 F8001156 F8A001156
157 Shamilabosh J.B. School F6001157 F7001157 F8001157 F8A001157
158 Pashchim Hemkumari Aided Primary School F6001158 F7001158 F8001158 F8A001158
159 Dewanganj (Hazrapara) S.S.K. F6001159 F7001159 F8001159 F8A001159
160 Hudumdanga Netaji A.P. School F6001160 F7001160 F8001160 F8A001160
161 Vivekananda Vidyapith Fourth Plan Primary School F6001161 F7001161 F8001161 F8A001161
162 Burigram G. P. School F6001162 F7001162 F8001162 F8A001162
163 Naltiapara Fourth Plan Primary School F6001163 F7001163 F8001163 F8A001163
164 Daripattani Aided Primary School F6001164 F7001164 F8001164 F8A001164
165 No.65 Daripattani S.S.K. F6001165 F7001165 F8001165 F8A001165
166 Permekhliganj S.C. Primary School F6001166 F7001166 F8001166 F8A001166
167 Galenger Hat Govt. Primary: School F6001167 F7001167 F8001167 F8A001167
168 Dewanganj High School F6001168 F7001168 F8001168 F8A001168
169 Sahebganj Tanti Para Primary School F6001169 F7001169 F8001169 F8A001169
170 17, Jangalbosh Fifth Plan Primary School F6001170 F7001170 F8001170 F8A001170
171 Kauwasuti ICDS Centre F6001171 F7001171 F8001171 F8A001171
172 39, Nijtaraf S.S.K. F6001172 F7001172 F8001172 F8A001172
173 Bajejama A.P. School F6001173 F7001173 F8001173 F8A001173
174 Singha Para Special Cadre Primary School ( Room No. 1) F6001174 F7001174 F8001174 F8A001174
175 Tista Payasti A.P .School F6001175 F7001175 F8001175 F8A001175
176 Harijon A . P . School F6001176 F7001176 F8001176 F8A001176
177 Singha Para Special Cadre Primary School ( Room No. 2) F6001177 F7001177 F8001177 F8A001177
178 Uttarpara Kalipara Fifth Plan Primary School F6001178 F7001178 F8001178 F8A001178
179 Indira Girls' High School F6001179 F7001179 F8001179 F8A001179
180 Mekhliganj Higher Secondary School F6001180 F7001180 F8001180 F8A001180
181 Hindi A. P School F6001181 F7001181 F8001181 F8A001181
182 Swedish Mission Primary School ( Room No. 1) F6001182 F7001182 F8001182 F8A001182
183 Fulkadaburi No.1 Aided Primary School ( Room No. 1) F6001183 F7001183 F8001183 F8A001183
184 Fulkadaburi No.1 Aided Primary School ( Room No. 2) F6001184 F7001184 F8001184 F8A001184
185 Fulkadaburi No.2 Govt. Primary School ( Room No. 1) F6001185 F7001185 F8001185 F8A001185
186 Fulkadaburi No.2 Govt. Primary School ( Room No. 2) F6001186 F7001186 F8001186 F8A001186
187 Fulkadaburi Special Cadre Primary School F6001187 F7001187 F8001187 F8A001187
188 Andaran Kharkharia A. P. School F6001188 F7001188 F8001188 F8A001188
189 Swedish Mission Primary School ( Room No. 2) F6001189 F7001189 F8001189 F8A001189
190 Nalartari Fourth Plan Primary School F6001190 F7001190 F8001190 F8A001190
191 Bagdokra Govt. Primary School F6001191 F7001191 F8001191 F8A001191
192 No.1 Bhotbari A. P. School F6001192 F7001192 F8001192 F8A001192
193 95, Fulkadabri 5th Plan Primary School F6001193 F7001193 F8001193 F8A001193
194 Nabin Chandra High School F6001194 F7001194 F8001194 F8A001194
195 Bhotbari Central Sponsored Primary School F6001195 F7001195 F8001195 F8A001195
196 Satirghaterper Ramnidhi High School F6001196 F7001196 F8001196 F8A001196
197 Satirghaterper Junior Basic School F6001197 F7001197 F8001197 F8A001197
198 Dhapra Hat Junior Basic School F6001198 F7001198 F8001198 F8A001198
199 Andaran Kuchlibari 5th Plan Primary School F6001199 F7001199 F8001199 F8A001199
200 120, Jamaldaha Balapukuri 4th Plan Primary School F6001200 F7001200 F8001200 F8A001200
201 107, Barakuchlibari S. C. Primary School F6001201 F7001201 F8001201 F8A001201
202 Uponchowki Kuchlibari Higher Secondary School F6001202 F7001202 F8001202 F8A001202
203 Uponchowki Junior Basic School F6001203 F7001203 F8001203 F8A001203
204 Kashiabari Harakanta Fourth Plan Primary School F6001204 F7001204 F8001204 F8A001204
205 Jaburabari A. P. School ( Room No. 1) F6001205 F7001205 F8001205 F8A001205
206 Jigabari Junior Basic School F6001206 F7001206 F8001206 F8A001206
207 118, Jigabari 5th Plan Primary School F6001207 F7001207 F8001207 F8A001207
208 Brahmattar Kuchalibari C.S. Primary School F6001208 F7001208 F8001208 F8A001208
209 Uponchowki Kuchlibari A. P. School F6001209 F7001209 F8001209 F8A001209
210 Chhoto Kuchlibari 5th Plan Primary School F6001210 F7001210 F8001210 F8A001210
211 Jaburabari A. P. School ( Room No. 2) F6001211 F7001211 F8001211 F8A001211
212 Andaran Kuchalibari C. S. Primary School F6001212 F7001212 F8001212 F8A001212
213 Tistapayesti S. P. Primary School F6001213 F7001213 F8001213 F8A001213
214 Hemkumari South Govt. Primary School F6001214 F7001214 F8001214 F8A001214
215 East Hemkumari Govt. Primary School F6001215 F7001215 F8001215 F8A001215
216 Aametulla Govt. Primary School F6001216 F7001216 F8001216 F8A001216
217 Hemkumari Patowari Para Junior Basic School F6001217 F7001217 F8001217 F8A001217
218 Hemkumari Aided Primary School F6001218 F7001218 F8001218 F8A001218
219 Golapdi 4th Plan Primary School F6001219 F7001219 F8001219 F8A001219
220 Dhairjya Narayan High School F6001220 F7001220 F8001220 F8A001220
221 Rifiujipara Hari Mandir ICDS Centre F6001221 F7001221 F8001221 F8A001221
222 Hemkumari High School F6001222 F7001222 F8001222 F8A001222
223 Basunia Para Fifth Plan Primary School F6001223 F7001223 F8001223 F8A001223
224 Jangalbosh J. B. School F6001224 F7001224 F8001224 F8A001224
225 Tattaram Fifth Plan Primary School F6001225 F7001225 F8001225 F8A001225
226 Shalmara ICDS Centre F6001226 F7001226 F8001226 F8A001226
227 Rafikul Islam Govt. Girls' Primary School F6001227 F7001227 F8001227 F8A001227
228 No.24 Samilabosh 5th Plan Primary School F6001228 F7001228 F8001228 F8A001228
229 Prahallad M.S.K. F6001229 F7001229 F8001229 F8A001229

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