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Dinhata Madan Mohan Temple

       In accordance with the royal administrative policy of Cooch Behar, arrangements for establishment of Madan Mohan idol was taken up in every sub-division of the district. Likewise Madan Mohan Temple was set up in Dinhata, Tufanganj, Mathabhanga and Mekhliganj respective Sub-divisions.
      Though the temple of Madan Mohan was set up personally at the centre of Dinhata town primarily by the influential subjects of the locality, later it attained its optimum form guided by royal financial assistance. There are three standing statues of Brahma, Vishnu & Maheswar on top of the cornice in front of the temple. Inside the temple seated on wooden throne there are idols of Krishna, Balaram & Subhadra along with eight other idols all made out of amalgamation of 8 metals. This temple is also known as Balaram temple.

^Dinhata Madan Mohan Temple

       There is also an old Nat Mandir and a newly constructed Durga Temple in the open terrace of the temple compound.

Various Idols enthroned inside >
Dinhata Madan Mohan Temple    


^Kamteswari Temple (Gosani Debi inset)

Throne of GosaniDebi inside >
 Kamteswari Temple, Dinhata    

(inset picture magnified)     
Kamteswari Temple (Gosani Debi)

       Maharaja Pran Narayan established the temple of GosaniDebi or KamteswariDebi at Dinhata in 1665 A.D. A fusion of Banga Charchala (four-corniced roof) and Mughal architecture can be noticed in this temple. The high wall all around the temple compound, four Minars (monumental pillar) in the four corners and the high arch at the entrance --- all portray similarity with Mughal architecture.

      The idol of Chhinnamossta in the form of BhagbatiDebi is enthroned on wooden throne inside the temple. Beside this Radha-Krishna, Gopal and Shalgram Shila are also daily worshipped over here. On the wall inside the temple there are beautifully carved structures of Lord Surya and Vishnu made out of touch-stone.


Tufanganj Balaram Temple

       On the way to Tufanganj from Cooch Behar through Chilakhana, this Temple is situated in Bhuchungamari village of Natabari. No information regarding know how of its establishment is available.

      Established on the bank of Gadadhar river this temple is very simple structure with tin shed on top. Inside this temple, apart from idol of Lord Balaram there are idols of Lord Ganesh, Nadu Gopal and Krishna. Beside daily offering various auspicious events like Janmastami, RathaYatra and DolYatra are celebrated with great incentive.

^Balaram Temple, Tufanganj (Lord Balaram inset)

Throne of Lord Balaram & others inside >
Balaram Temple, Tufanganj    

(inset picture magnified)   

Garden and Guest House maintained by Debuttor Trust Board, Cooch Behar

Samadhi Mandir or Keshab Ashram or Rani Bagan
(Near Golbagan) Cooch Behar town
~ Keshab Ashram, Rani Bagan ~

       During the reign of Maharaja Nripendra Narayan (1889 A.D.) this garden was built covering an area of two acres land to the south-west boundary of Cooch Behar town on the bank of Torsa river. The name of Brahmananda Keshabchandra Sen, renowed philosopher & father-in-law of Maharaja Nripendra Narayan, is attached with this garden. Maharani Sunity Debi played a vital role in building this garden and queens used to visit this garden. That is why this garden is also known as "Rani Bagan". This is also a mausoleum wherein lies the burial tomb of kings &  kin of Cooch Behar. There are tombs of Maharaja Nripendra Narayan, Raj Rajendra Narayan, Jagadwipendra Narayan and Princess Pratibha Debi, Sukriti Debi and others. Signs of religious harmony can be noticed among the memorials. Opposite to the memorials is the sanctuary (inset). Meditation was carried out in this sanctuary in the past. At present pictures & biographies of the Koch kings are exhibited in this sanctuary at present. Debuttor Trust Board has arranged rocking cradles, slippers for amusement of the children and sitting arrangements for all.


Anandamoyee Dharmashala
(beside Madan Mohan Temple) Cooch Behar town
~ Anandamoyee Dharmashala ~

       In connection to non-availability of any hotel or guest-house for providing shelter or night stay to sanyasees & devotees visiting Cooch Behar from outside, citing necessity for the same Maharaja Shibendra Narayan established the Anandamoyee Dharmashhala adjacent to the temple of Rajbari in 1841 A.D. Later Maharaja Nripendra Narayan built the present Anandamoyee Dharmashala (religious guest-house) to the east of the Bhabani Temple beside the Madan Mohan temple compound. The foundation stone of the present beautifully carved whitish house facing south was laid on the day Madan Mohan temple was inaugurated.

At present there is a dormitory (20 beds) and three rooms (4 beds with attached bathroom) in this dharmashala. Arrangements are made by Debuttor Trust Board for food & lodging of guests and devotees.

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