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Other Temples outside West Bengal and maintained by Debuttor Trust Board

Cooch Behar Kalibari
~ Benaras, Uttar Pradesh ~

       Noticing earnest devotion and love of his father & ancestors for the holy pilgrimage to Benaras in Uttar Pradesh, it encouraged Maharaja Harendra Narayan (1783-1839 A.D.) to establish the temple of AdyaShakti KaliMata near Harishchandra Ghat of Benaras (presently by the side of Sonapur Road) after purchasing a plot of five bigha. Nahabatkhana along with the Cooch Behar royal emblem could be seen on the high arch at the entrance of the temple.

       At the central room of the temple compound there is the idol of KaliMata. In the front there are six temples of Lord Shiva in the open terrace. There are arrangements of daily worship in each of these temples wherein there is the Shiva Linga on top of the Gouripat. In a comparatively small temple by the side of the main temple there is the idol of Radha-Gobinda. On the other side of the temple complex there is the royal Guest-house and housing complex. Complete renovation of the almost worn-out temple is being thought of by experts appointed by the West Bengal Government.

< Cooch Behar Kalibari
(AdyaShakti KaliMata inset)

AdyaShakti KaliMata of Cooch Behar Kalibari
(above inset picture magnified)

Radha Raman, Madan Gopal & Sitanath of Maharaja Kunj,
Mathura - Vrindavan
(below inset picture magnified)


Cooch Behar Maharaja Kunj
~ Mathura (Vrindavan), Uttar Pradesh ~

       In 1765 A.D. Maharaja Dhairjyendra Narayan laid the foundation stone of Radha Raman Zeu outside the princely state of Cooch Behar at Mathura (Vrindavan), Uttar Pradesh. Construction works of the temple was completed in 1795 A.D. Here idols of Radha Raman, Madan Gopal and Sitanath are worshipped daily. Renovation of the almost worn-out temple is being thought of by experts appointed by the West Bengal Government.


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